What Does Feminine Magic Actually Look Like?

A woman in her Feminine Magic is a heart centered being.

She has traveled into the depths of her soul and owned everything about herself – the light and the dark – and this allows her to live from her spirit rather than her wounds and ego.

Feminine magic is being in your power and owning your space while maintaining room for other people to be in theirs.

Feminine magic is creating an intimate connection to yourself and having your back no matter what. It’s when you honor your boundaries, speak your truth and gravitate towards people and experiences who respect you.

She understand this journey is not about perfection but making healthy choices and prioritizing her well being.

It’s when you are in the flow of life, being open to possibilities and not pressuring or forcing things to happen.

It’s when you are making connections to people from your enchanting heart rather than your head.

Being in your feminine power also includes healing your relationship to the masculine. It’s when you allow yourself to feel the pain you may have experienced in the past from men while making the conscious choice to not project those wounds onto people who have nothing to do with it.

A feminine woman exudes a very regal, magnetic and alluring energy. This magic comes from her core and is a natural expression of the confidence she feels in her body.

A woman in her feminine magic understands that femininity is already within her. It’s not a list of rules she has to pretend to be. Her only task is to remove the layers of pain, blocks and limiting beliefs that may be in the way of this radiance being able to shine through.

Beginning to own your soul through healing practices and rituals will allow you to rise into this power and reveal the captivating Queen that is already there.

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