What does Feminine and Masculine energy look like in relationships?

If you want an idea of what masculine/feminine energy and polarity in a relationship looks like take a look at partner dancing.

There is a lead and one who surrenders and follows.

Does it mean the lead is controlling everything and the follower is weak? Nope! Both actually have power. But they are different types of power and different strengths. Then they both come together, flow and it makes a beautiful dance. The contrast of energy complements one another.

He gives his presence and creates the frame and offers a safe space for her to be fluid and in her radiance.

If there were two leaders they would be butting heads. If there were two followers they wouldn’t go anywhere. So you can see why trying to be exactly like one another and 50/50 doesn’t work. It’s the contrast and opposite energies that create the magnetic pull which draws the two together.

If you are a woman who enjoys more of her feminine side then it is so soothing to be in the arms of a masculine man. A man who takes action, pursues, creates the space, has a plan and is romantic and chivalrous. Whether it’s through dance or in a relationship.

If you desire a man like this then your feminine side is needed. This is your softer, vulnerable, radiant emotional essence. He needs your open heart and your Feminine Magic. His masculinity won’t come out if you are more focused on forcing, nitpicking or nagging your way into things.

These dances remind us to relax and trust our bodies and who we are with. Healthy masculinity always has your back and with the right man, your partnership will flow like a beautiful dance.

Ashley Muse