The Erotic Luxury Temple

A  Tantalizing Sensual Journey For Divine Feminine Awakening

Welcome Inside The Erotic Luxury Temple

Join me, Ashley Muse, on a tantalizing sensual journey toward divine feminine awakening, spiritual healing and alignment, and a deep reconnection to your inner Goddess…

If you think this is “just another course”

you’re in for the surprise of a lifetime.

If you think this is “just another course”

you’re in for the surprise of a lifetime.

Let’s release the blocks that are holding back your electric, alluring, radiant energy and connect you back to the divine feminine Enchanted Soul you’ve lost touch with


If you feel like you’ve got it all – the luscious beauty, mega success, extravagant goals – but you still feel a vacant hole within your soul and disconnected from the depth of who you are


If you still feel like your inner child is afraid to grow up, stuck on the past traumas of life and failing to reconcile with your past that’s keeping you trapped in angst…


If you’re tired of attracting the wrong toxic relationships into your life (men with Peter Pan syndrome) and ready to use your embodied feminine divine intuition to identify what (and who) is really good for you…


If you’re constantly feeling like you have to prove yourself, jump through hoops, over give and be perfect even if you’ve (technically) got it all…

And if you’re FINALLY ready to…


Break free from your anxious traumas and crippling insecurities


Cultivate an oasis of electric high voltage energy inside you and blossom into the irresistible, alluring, radiant woman you’re meant to be

Then you should know… you did not find this program. This program found you

My name is Ashley Muse, and I’ve spent the last 5 years traveling and studying the principles of tantric sexual practice, the secrets of masculine and feminine energy polarity, ancient spiritual teachings and neurolinguistic programming. Working alongside some of world’s top spiritual teachers and guides

This combined knowledge, as well as the experience I’ve gathered on my own personal journey toward healing and alignment, are what brought this program to reality.
And today, I’m here to share it with you

Here’s what you’ll learn inside your 8 signature healing sessions:

I. Unleashing Your Erotic Luxury Energy

Developing your Erotic Luxury energy is both your personal power and your responsibility as a woman on her journey to self-realization. Once developed, your energy cannot be taken away from you, and it will allow you to embody a new, highly revered presence that will command (and not demand) attention, attraction, and respect.

II. Soothing and Relaxing Your Body, Mind, and Soul

How much calmer and more relaxed would you feel on a daily basis if you were to dissolve all the built-up tension, pain, traumas, and anxiousness that are affecting you on a subconscious level? And how much more happy, radiant, and alluring would that make you to everyone around you?


III. Ignite Deep Trust Within Yourself To Effortlessly Attract Abundance

…in all areas of your life, from your finances, to your health, to your relationships. Through a series of ancient healing exercises, we’re going to help you cultivate a playful and vivacious attitude toward life, allowing prosperity to flow to you like never before.


IV. Reconnect To Your Sacred Life Force Magic and Become Irresistible

Cultivating your sacred life force energy is a crucial step of this process that will truly make you feel more alive, awake, and aware than ever. Reconnecting to this energy will change you – internally and externally. You’ll become youthful and glowy. You’ll feel more energized and confident.
And when you preserve, nourish, and take care of your energy, it’s going to transform you from the inside-out into the most radiant, irresistible, electric version of yourself that you can be.

V. Recognize Toxic Energies and Repel Them From Your Life

By reverse-engineering your past, unhealthy relationships, we’re going to develop powerful insights on who you are and who you want to attract. You’re also going to learn the 12 deceptive behaviors that instantly make you spot toxic men, as well as how to effortlessly create soulmate connection to men that are living in their divine masculine.

VI. Terminate Your Old Programming And Become The Author Of A New You

Have you ever felt the urge to start over with a blank slate? By ripping apart your old belief systems, rewriting your inner narrative, and getting crystalline clear on who you truly want to be as a woman, you will have no choice but to author a new you. A new, happier, blossomed you that has claimed her energy and her place in this world.

100s of women around the world LOVE and SWEAR BY the lessons you’re about to learn…

“I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders after the mother and father wound exercises. I have been in such a funk the last few months but I woke up today feeling so light, zesty, hopeful and carefree. I was struggling because I was still so energetically enmeshed with my parents (and I had no idea… even after years of inner work from other coaches!) This practice helped me cut that cord and finally GROW up and feel like a WOMAN. I am feeling so happy, strong and motivated now”

– A.R

I feel my sexual energy a lot right now. The Erotic Luxury sensual practices has helped me awaken that electricity within my body. My skin is glowing and I am bursting with sensuality. The breathwork made me tingly and warm

– A.M

Loved the insights on how to spot deceptive toxic men. And how to relate to Supreme Energy men in a way that creates soul mate connection. I love how Ashley refers to feminine energy connection as “Sovereign Relating” … when we operate from our sovereign soul it definitely attracts high quality men to us and repels all the low quality people!

– C Rodriguez

This is a great program. It effectively raises the vibration and opens the heart to receive the cosmic energy. Most importantly, it really helps vanish energy blocks so we are really open to receive that cosmic energy. I absolutely loved the Temple goddess sound healing in the bonus material. This is very high quality material at an incredible affordable price. I love the fresh tone Ashley set through the delivery of the content!

– Virginia Holmes

A “Feminine Woman” is one of culture, ultimate grace, feminine(magnetic) power, and intuitive conviction/insight. She’s the matriarch of the home/family, her nurturing energy brings life to all who encounters it, her value is priceless. I believe Miss Ashley Muse is doing a wonderful job on guiding her fellow women to that organic essence of femininity that is so desperately needed in today’s society. Thank you!!!

– Yieh Sassaekpo

My biggest takeaway from Ashleys content is learning that I am not powerless. I have my majestic choice to choose what is right for me and I do not have to tolerate bad unhealthy men. I love how she is adamant on self accountability. I do not like when other coaches tell you what you want to hear to coddle you. Ashley is firm yet loving with her truth which is exactly what you need to get your shit together lol.

– B Cruz

Here’s what we’re NOT going to do inside these 8 lessons…


Endlessly dig and dwell on your past… (let’s create a new and better you.)

Just talk and talk and talk about different issues… (we’re actually here to get work done.)

Just play on the surface with “performative feminine energy” wearing pretty dresses, chanting affirmations and focus on shallow concepts… (we’re here to help you develop genuine depth.)

Waste our time like we would watching free YouTube videos and webinars… (these are 8 action-packed, result-driven lessons created to support you as an individual and create life long results)

Once awakened to your signature Erotic Luxury energy, you will begin to receive upgrades to your consciousness where you are operating as a highly revered Goddess. Attracting the enchanting life, supreme delight, and a mesmerizing inner glow from your essence that you have always desired.

Are you ready to start your journey toward a new, better, stronger you and reconnect to your inner Goddess?

But hold on…

I have something for you.

Sign up inside the early bird period only and get…









#1 – The Signature Infinite Allure Program

My signature program that has helped many women heal the wounds within their soul and become luscious, irresistible, and alluring to the high quality supreme men they *actually* want…

#2 – The Siren Music Playlist

A playlist of healing meditations and reiki meditation music that will help you on your journey toward higher vibrations


#3 – 2 Sexual Energy Awakening Exercises

Allowing you complete agency over your body, your mind, soul, and presence. Use these exercises to tap into your sexuality, powering impulses of ecstatic pleasure throughout your entire etheric field.

#4 – The Erotic Luxury VIP Facebook Group

The Erotic Luxury VIP Facebook Group where you can share, learn, and grow alongside other divine feminine souls on their journey to experiencing a life of abundance.

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