Sacred Sensuality

When you embody true sensuality, it feels like electricity running through your soul.

Your sensuality is your ability to receive, feel and express the flavors of the world. Feeling the sensations in your body and allowing it to emerge through every pore on your skin.

There are cheap intimations of this. It may look very overt and external but you’ll feel very little depth with it. It will grab attention but not travel much deeper because of it’s superficial intention. The key is that it’s not coming from a place of force but rather it’s a natural subtle expression that creates an invitation for the admiration of others.

A more sacred expression of this softness will be deeply nourishing and cultivate a deep sense of confidence and connection to who you are. Learning to embody this from within by connecting to your core will have you become full of love as you exude more vitality and pleasure for life.

Awakening your sensuality also allows manifesting to flow much easier. As you emanate more warmth and energy, your desires flow to you effortlessly. More abundance and quality men can be yours the more you allow yourself to slow down and live in your Feminine Magic.