Rising into your Queen

Wounded feminine energy lives in a low vibrational state. She feels depleted and diminished because she isn’t truly shining in her radiance. She might blame the world for her problems but doesn’t do anything to change it. She stays this way because it’s tempting to choose whats familiar. She doesn’t have the courage to take a risk to explore and heal what may be holding her back.

The Queen is irresistible. She’s alluring, empowering and doesn’t have the desire to put others down in order to feel strong. She has healed her relationship to the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and this allows her Feminine Magic to flow freely. She has emotional freedom and is comfortable in her skin. She knows how to feed her soul and honors the ebb and flow of life. She holds space for her insecurities without shame. She takes actions on her desires even if it feels uncomfortable.

She is the woman people are drawn to because when you can accept yourself you will know how to hold space for others and this is what creates intimacy and connection.

You might be wondering who might I be if I release the stories, the limiting beliefs and fear I have attached my identity to for so long? I know that feels scary..

But I can promise you the woman on the other side of that is the love of your life. She’s waiting to meet you

Ashley Muse