Playing in the Shadows

The wounded feminine energy in us loves playing in the shadows. She is highly addicted to drama, control, reactivity and lashing out. She doesn’t know how to get her emotional needs met in a healthy way and this inner conflict and turmoil gets projected onto others constantly through nagging, meddling, bullying and manipulation.

She especially LOVES the shadows of other men. She may purposely seek out wounded emotional unavailability in others, latching onto them because it gives her an excuse to distract herself from her own problems.

There’s a fracture somewhere in her and without healing her energy body she confuses toxic abuse for passion and love. Back handed compliments feel like appreciation. The high and low of a man poking her heart feels fun. There’s a strong pull towards the men running away from her and she thinks it’s a Twin Flame. Control feels like protection. Healthy men will feel boring and she may purposely find flaws and excuses to push them away.

Her perception on life is distorted and this constant loop will continue until she learns to look within. The flame within her heart is stifled so she desperately latches onto other people trying to find her radiance.
What she doesn’t know is that in order to attract a King she must first rise into her Queen. She must leave behind the toxic behavior and really take a deep look at herself. Facing her shadows, admitting to her flaws and healing her relationship to the Divine Feminine & Masculine within her to create a sacred union is what will heal her and allow her to rise up into her true power and sovereignty.

Over time she will start becoming repulsed by unavailable men and suddenly high quality masculine energy will make their way into her space. Once she discovers how to open her heart and allow her Feminine Magic to guide her she will understand how to allow her inner radiance to be seen and the adoration, reverence, respect and love she has been craving from men will begin to happen.
True Divine Masculine energy sees you as a whole and will cherish and adore you in the way that your heart really craves. Once you get a taste of that respect you’ll never go back.

But it all starts with you. Look within and let your magic shine through.

You are Divine Love,
Ashley Muse