The Art of Elite Feminine Sovereignty

Divine Living to Attract Your Deepest Desires

Awaken your divine feminine energy, revoke all limiting wounded beliefs, radiate your magnetic aura and effortlessly attract anything you deeply desire

Do you find yourself . . .

  •  As a modern, independent, successful women who seems to be yearning for more fulfillment in your soul?
  • Obsessed with spiritual practices such as sage, yoga, crystals and reiki but still feeling empty because it’s only scratching the surface?

  • Overwhelmed and stifled by limiting beliefs that you can’t even articulate?

  • Stuck with an intense desire for a sacred union but continue to align with fractured men who make you feel unwanted and abandoned?

  • Weighed down by your childhood wounds and dark energy that haunts you?

  • With a huge disconnect from your sacred power?

  • Being the “spiritual good girl” and having everyone walk all over you and not take you seriously?

  • With a blocked throat chakra and trouble speaking up and living in your authenticity?

What if you could . . .

  • Harness your sacred power and begin to align with the divine essence within your soul

  • Anchor a deeper embodiment of your divine feminine and masculine energy to achieve balance and wholeness

  • Elevate into your sovereignty from the inside out and embody cosmic authority in your life

  • Emanate a potent magnetic aura that begins to activate the souls of everyone around you

  • Tap into the oasis of inherent value and worth that has always been within you

  • Effortlessly express and articulate how you feel like a Goddess – in front of yourself, your partner, and everyone around you

  • Understand the secrets to create deep soul love and connection with other people

  • Start attracting high quality divine masculine men who feel compelled to honor, cherish, respect and adore you

And all you had to do was. . .

  • Dissolve your wounded imprints and master the laws of Feminine Sovereignty to reclaim your Enchanted Crown Consciousness
  • Discover your inherent gifts as a woman that you’ve been disconnected from for years
  • Elevate above your pain body and begin to awaken your royal truth

That’s exactly what your Elite Feminine Sovereignty is all about, and I’m here to help you reclaim the royal truth that has always been yours.
My signature process is designed to transform you from the inside out and finally take the throne as a true queen.

Hi There!

I’m Ashley

In my online program, The Art of Elite Feminine Sovereignty, I’ll be teaching you potent healing practices that will help you discover your most powerful asset – your divine feminine energy.

For thousands of years, concepts like kundalini or shakti, have been revered as energies of the divine feminine and is a woman’s true sacred power. When cultivated, this feminine energy will transform your life.

This program is for you if you are ready to leave behind the unconscious wounded behavior and finally rise into a life of Enchanted Crown Consciousness.

Elite Feminine Sovereignty is the embodiment of your multidimensional cosmic power as a woman and reigniting you to your sacred connection to the universe.

This program isn’t about flooding you with new information. It’s about helping you come back home to who you really are, and discovering the sacred power you already possess, but have been disconnected from.

Discovering your Elite Feminine Sovereignty is about taking a journey inside your soul. There is a potent force of energy within the essence of a woman and this radiance has the power to move the entire world.

I’m here by your side every step of the way as you begin to awaken the MAGIC within you and finally embody your divinity.

Introducing: The Art of Elite Feminine Sovereignty Program

Here’s what you’ll learn inside the “ The Art of Elite Feminine Sovereignty ” program. These skills are absolutely necessary if you want to elevate into your sacred divine power as a woman

  • Surrender to your Enchanted Crown Consciousness and allow the universe to serve and worship you like a Queen
  • My exact signature method that shows you how to dissolve your blocks and wounded imprints to release you from your dysfunction
  • Expand your auric field and awaken your inner glow that will leave everyone mesmerized
  • Learn the secrets of divine masculine men and how to create the sacred union and lifetime devotion that you desire
  • Communicate as an irresistible goddess to ignite the hero in men and command respect from everyone around you
  • Embody your sensuality and become a radiant woman
  • Release your attachments to the past and liberate yourself from the anger that has been holding you down
  • Begin to shift your self perception and finally see your unique worth and inherent value as a woman
  • Activate your dark wisdom and intuitive gifts to spot deception, read body language and energy in other people
  • In depth masterclasses on the spiritual power of the divine feminine and masculine energies
  • Live sound healing group sessions that will calm your anxiety, soothe your nervous system and get you present in your body to awaken your Feminine Sovereignty
  • Anchor your divine masculine energy to become more secure in your body and finally attract high quality men into your life who feel compelled to protect, serve and provide for you

Module #1

5 Ways Women Disconnect From Their Feminine Sovereignty

Learn the 5 ways women unconsciously disconnect from their elite feminine sovereignty and the root cause of the extreme anxiety, fear, hopelessness, emotional drain and numbing depression that many women struggle with today. These insights will transform your awareness and help you on your healing journey so you can rise into your Feminine Sovereignty.

Module #2

Mother & Father Wounds
Healing the Wounded Inner Child

Embark on the journey to discover the source of your wounds and patterns. I will give you insights into your inner child so that you can step into the realm of divine love. We will explore what causes codependency, discover why you carry such deep feelings of being unwanted and unloved and learn how to heal your fears of abandonment through detailed practices.

We will start to reveal the magic that has always been within you and begin to awaken your Feminine Power.

Module #3

Awaken Your Soul

Activate the potent magic within your soul and explore my signature healing elixir that allows you to release your trapped emotions, painful insecurities and limiting beliefs to create captivating radiance and alluring confidence. This practice will begin to awaken your enchanting heart leaving others deeply entranced by the inner glow you will begin to emanate.

Module #4

Letting Go of the Past

Release the blocks and built up resentments that are holding you back from your happiness with my secret healing tools. These tools are like an elixir for your soul and designed to help you let go of the painful emotions and memories that may be weighing you down and finally allow you to break free into a life of euphoria and delight.

Module #5

Enchanting Life

Discover how to create a captivating life by awakening your sacred sensuality and feminine allure. If you have been craving a life that leaves you enchanted and inspired we will learn how to cultivate a way of living that will fulfill all of the secret desires you have been deeply longing for.

You will become lovingly cherished and adored by the man in your life, activate intense passion in everything you do and create a life that ignites the magical fire within you.

Module #6

Sovereign Relating

Inspire intense feelings of admiration and reverence from others and men as you learn to communicate as an irresistible Goddess. I will give you word for word phrases that will make him melt!

Learn how to create magnetic attraction with divine masculine men that will lead to divine intimacy, immaculate devotion and finally command the respect that your soul is deeply desiring.

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The Art Of Elite Feminine Sovereignty Program and Experience Divine Living to Attract All Your Desires

Living in your magic is what I care deeply about and your happiness is my #1 priority. This is why I would love for you to try my program and if you’re not happy within 30 days of registering, I will refund your money. No questions asked.

Send an email to: [email protected]

Bonus #1

Learn the secrets of divine masculine men and how to create irresistible attraction that will lead to the sacred union and lifetime immaculate devotion you desire.

Bonus #2

The 21 Feminine Sovereignty Codes – a collection of laws and guidelines to live by to align with the divine sacred power you have cultivated.

Bonus #3

This Guided Inner Child Meditation will start a deep healing process within you. As you harness your sacred power you will begin to dissolve your wounded imprints and elevate into higher levels of consciousness, reconnect you to your authentic soul, awaken your self esteem and divine power.

Bonus #4

This unique practice will awaken your sacred sensuality and help you exude more sexual energy, youthful vitality, pleasure for life and create irresistible attraction from your man leaving him enchanted and hypnotized.

Bonus #5

This meditation will begin to expand your aura and awaken the radiance within your womb and soul. You will quickly begin to glow and become magnetic from the inside out.

 What women are saying …

“My experience with her course was absolutely phenomenal. Her work is one of a kind medicine that is so very necessary in the world at this time for the women who are looking to step into more empowered strength within themselves.

It led me to a very profound place within myself and the results were very fast.

If you are a woman who has been on her development for a long time and you’ve reached a point where you feel stuck, then Ashley’s medicine can instantly collapse those broken complexes. Her medicine has the ability to instantly slice blockages and allow your feminine to come through. She’s one of a kind, it’s been an honor to go through her teachings and it is worth EVERY PENNY. Thank you! “

Sapphire Tsunamiiya

“I came across Ashley’s page and I found the messages I had been looking for at the right time.

I saw her inspiring messages about taking back your divine feminine energy, your authority over yourself and pulling those thoughts from needing something somewhere else to healing something within. I was in a bad pattern in relationships and I love a lot of what she posts on her page because it makes me much more aware of what I was doing.

It was the tough love I needed to really push me over the edge to love myself. I broke free, I never looked back and soon after making that big decision of loving myself I found my soul mate!

I couldn’t be happier, and I am so excited to say we bought a house and I am happy to announce we are going to be getting married!

Thank you so much to Ashley, I cannot thank you enough for all of your messages. Everything changed my life!”

Alissa Weintrob

Your insight is deeply honed Ashley…you are such a blessing…you are able to verbalize the unspoken in such a way that really puts it all into enlightened perspective, and right on-point. I love you sister”

Celestin Hut

“You’re amazing. I’m seriously speechless at how you can explain such complex topics with this clarity.. it’s like you read my mind. Thank you!”

Erika Luccianza

Are you ready to go from feeling insecure, unfulfilled, and uncertain into radiant, magnetic, and irresistible?

Are you ready to start bettering your relationships by getting in touch with your emotions and building healthy self-esteem?

And most importantly… are you ready to cultivate your inner Goddess and finally live in your Feminine sovereignty?


Are you ready to leave your limiting beliefs, anxieties, and insecurities behind and rise to become a more confident, courageous, and enchanting you?

Are you ready to awaken your feminine allure and start attracting high-quality people and relationships into your life?

And most importantly… are you ready to rediscover your divine feminine energy and manifest everything your mind, heart, and soul desire?

1) How is The Art of Elite Feminine Sovereignty different from the other feminine energy programs?

The Art of Elite Feminine Sovereignty is my own soul process for rising into your queen energy, reconnecting to your intuition, healing your anxieties and dissolving your limiting beliefs. I’ve dedicated 5 years of my life to designing this process while working directly with some of the world’s top feminine energy coaches and sacred healing experts.

I’ve been through feminine energy courses, but I feel most of them just overwhelm you with information that has no real substance. They’ll keep you smiling and never allow you to challenge yourself.

That’s why in The Art of Elite Feminine Sovereignty, we’ll dive deep into concepts that actually *do* result in a real internal shift.

A shift that will help you leave your limiting beliefs, insecurities, and fears behind. A shift that will awaken your feminine allure and let your magic shine through. Most importantly, a shift that will allow you to start attracting anything you put your mind, heart, and soul to.

I don’t see any feminine energy programs out there doing *that*.

2) “I’ve tried many feminine healing programs and still feel stuck, how can this program help me?”

Have any other feminine healing programs truly held your hand until you achieved the result you were after?

How many of them really made you challenge yourself, face your negative emotions, and come out a stronger and more courageous you?

How many of them felt like taking a class, and how many felt like you’re setting out on an exciting journey?

In our adventure together, you’re not *just* going to learn all my detailed knowledge and practices for cultivating your divine feminine energy…

I’ll guide you through any area you feel stuck in your life, and help you apply what you learned until you’ve finally shifted into a higher way of thinking, feeling, and being. That’s a promise.

3) I’m afraid to invest because I don’t know what kind of results I’ll get. Do you have any guarantees?

I’m only here to help! My detailed signature healing method was designed to get women just like you the results that you deeply crave.

You can purchase and try and then if you feel like the course isn’t for you, please reach out to me and claim your 30-day money-back guarantee.

4) Do you have a payment plan?

Yes you can pay in full or in 4 easy installments. Register now to start your Elite Feminine Sovereignty Journey

5) Is this another program about changing yourself just so that you can be more attractive to men?

The Art of Elite Feminine Sovereignty isn’t about changing yourself. It’s about rediscovering the enchanting power you already have.

It’s not about anyone else – it’s about you! Breaking free within your soul, elevating into Enchanted Crown Consciousness, creating immaculate self esteem, releasing painful blocks, facing your limiting beliefs and helping you to become more courageous, radiant, and empowered.

 When you do this, you naturally start to radiate a unique and rare energy. A carefree, joyful, and enchanting aura that lets you manifest the things you want.

6) What makes you qualified to teach about divine feminine energy?

I spent half of my life struggling with limiting beliefs and anxieties that I’ve had since my childhood. The only reason I healed my past trauma, healed and transformed wounds and built my self-esteem is because I discovered how to reconnect to my divine feminine energy.

When that happened to me, everything changed. I believe you have the right to make that change, too.

Moreover, I’ve spent the last 5 years studying the universal polarities, yin and yang, feminine energy, Shakti, and kundalini by working alongside feminine energy coaches and sacred healing experts.

Since I’ve started sharing the secrets I’ve learned throughout my journey, my content has impacted thousands of women around the world.

Right now, I’m on a mission to help women move forward on their journeys of healing and long-lasting happiness. That’s why I’m here, and that’s what I want to help you do. That is what you will receive when you enroll in my Art of Elite Feminine Sovereignty program now.

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The Art Of Elite Feminine Sovereignty Program and Experience Divine Living to Attract All Your Desires

Living in your magic is what I care deeply about and your happiness is my #1 priority. This is why I would love for you to try my program and if you’re not happy within 30 days of registering, I will refund your money. No questions asked.

Send an email to: [email protected]