Awaken Your Feminine Allure - What Makes a Woman Mysterious & Magnetic?

Is it games? Playing hard to get? Withholding information? Pretending to have a busy life? Posting provocative photos online? Pretending to be the tough boss lady that doesn’t need anyone?

All of those behaviors are coming from the wounded inner girl. The little girl within you that is desperate for love and approval.

As we rise into and operate from divine wisdom we learn to discover who we really are at our authentic core.

Your Feminine Allure is the juicy confidence that emanates from the depths of your soul. It is the way you carry yourself, the way you interact with others and especially the way you speak to yourself. It’s your innate value and worthiness. It’s the inner glow that comes from the relationship you developed to yourself. It’s your unique view of the world that cannot be replicated or taken. It’s your sensuality and the way you feel the flavors and textures of life in your body.

Feminine Allure is the way you feel about yourself and how deeply you are in love with who you are. This is what makes you unique and rare. The woman who is tapped into this is naturally mysterious and magnetic, because she is being herself.

So you see it’s not about putting on an illusion and playing tricks, it’s allowing the many layers of your essence to develop and blossom.

The mystique is already there buried underneath the pain, shame and negative stories you may have taken on over the years. Learning to reclaim who you are will allow your magic to begin to awaken.

Ashley Muse ✨